The bay of Sao Martinho do Porto

Q. When will work on the apartments be finished?

A The development is now complete but there are a few apartments that have not yet been sold.
This apartment is fully finished and furnised. 2009 is the third season for this apartment.

Q. How many apartments are in the block?

A. There are 32 apartments in the development within six blocks.

Q. What does the rear balcony overlook?

A. If you look on the plan of the development or the external pictures you can see that the rear balcony looks over the pool and a view along the centre line of the pool is towards the bay of Sao Martinho do Porto. To the left of the development is a rising hillside, to the right are a few more apartments with a tennis court in line with our pool.

Q. Is the road in front of the building very busy?

A. The road in front is not busy and not a main route out of town. It only leads to residential properties and to another small bay further North.

Q. How far are the restaurants etc?

A. There are five restuarants with approx 200m of the apartment at the bottom of the short slope down to the bay. In the town a further 300m away there are several more.

Q. Are there car parking facilities at the apartments?

A. There are a couple of lay-bys on the road outside the apartment plus there is an allocated space in the underground car park.

Q. Are there any banks in Sao Martinho?

There is a Millenium bank on the sea front in Sao Martinho that has two cash machines that work with Maestro and Visa cards.

Q Are there good surfing facilities in the area?

There are a number of beaches that are good for surfing and windsurfing along the Silver Coast and Peniche is a well known and big centre for surfing. Peniche is about a 30 mins easy drive south from the apartment. Just north of Peniche is Baleal where there are places to hire boards, wetsuits and take surfing lessons. Baleal beaches are also patrolled by lifeguards. Nearer to the apartment again is Foz de Arelho at the mouth of the Obidos lagoon, also a good surfing location with a larger area of beach. Nazare closer to the apartment but to the north, gets some big waves but can be very busy in the season and parking can be difficult. Closer to the apartment I have seen people surfing in the mouth of the bay at Sao Martinho. There are a number of small coves and beaches all along this stretch of coast that benefit from the Atlantic breakers but some care needs to be exercised as there are rocks just beneath the surface in some of them.

Q. We don't speak any Portuguese, so I wondered if you had any advice

Unlike the Algarve, where everyone speaks English, the Silver Coast area has not been anglicised. However, you will not have problems in the restaurants as most speak sufficient English and have multi lingual menus. In the main supermarkets (Feira Nova on the N8 between Sao Martinho and Caldas de Rainha, also Leclerc on the Caldas de Rainha ring road) are similar to Supermarkets in England and have good fresh fish and meat plus all the usual goods and you should be able to find everything you want without needing to ask!

If you go away from the coast then the small shops in the local towns may not have anyone who speaks English or only to a limited extent so a few basic words from, say, a teach yourself guide or a phrase book might be useful.

Here are some basic words...

por favorplease
Onde e Where is
O banco Bank
o multibanco Cash machine.
Mercado Market
Supermercado Supermarket
a praia The beach
casa de banho the bathroom
os lavabos the toilets
loja Shop
em frente Straight on
a direita on/to the right
a esquerda on/to the left
isto This one
quero comprar I want to buy
caro expensive
barato cheap
grande big
pequeno small
uma cerveja a beer
vinho tinto red wine
vinho branco white wine