The Palace of Mafra

Mafra National Palace

Mafra can be a place to stop on the way to or from Lisbon. It lies west of the A8 and is reached from Junction 5.

The palace, which also served as a Franciscan monastery, was built during the reign of King John V (1707-1750), in consequence of a vow made by the King in 1711, who promised to build a convent if his wife, the Queen Mary Anne of Austria, gave him descendants. The birth of his first daughter, the princess Barbara of Braganza, made the King initiate the construction of the palace.

This vast complex is among the most sumptuous Baroque buildings in Portugal. The palace was built symmetrically from a central axis, occupied by the basilica, and continues lengthwise through the main façade until reaching two major towers. The buildings of the convent are located behind the main façade. The building also includes a major library, with about 40,000 rare books. For more information use these links:

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